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About us

The Mission and Values:

The mission of SAEA is to develop resilient young urban leaders through customized endurance sports and fitness training.

Our Values:

• Excellence (in all things at all times)
• Consistency (always show up, always be on time)
• Humility (in attitude and actions)
• Joy (possess it and spread it)
• Love (Do all things with love)
• Adventure (Explore, take risks, live fully)
• Community (Build and foster community)
• Authenticity (No pretense, transparent, real)

Why an Endurance Academy?

Doing hard things in a loving community is transformative.  We’ve experienced this truth fist hand and have also seen it proven to be true in the lives of so many others.

We believe humans must develop endurance, grit, perseverance, self-confidence/self-esteem, joy, and a sense of freedom to thrive and live their best lives.  Training hard in community can go a long way towards these goals.


Our Story

Drawn Together By a Passion for Health and Fitness in the City of Santa Ana

The three founders of SAEA, Alfredo, Andy, and Brian’s paths all crossed for the first time at 5:00am on Wednesday, January 9th, 2013, at the very first PayanX workout, a community fitness program in downtown Santa Ana.

Brian and Alfredo had been working together at KidWorks in Santa Ana and running a community fitness program there that they had launched called FitWorks. They were excited to hear about this new thing called PayanX that was going to be starting in a Downtown Santa Ana alley in the pre-dawn hours of the workweek. They were eager to meet like-minded people passionate about fitness in the City of Santa Ana.

Andy was browsing Facebook that first week of January, and came across a post from a high school classmate of his, Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez. She had a post promoting PayanX to the community. Being an avid runner and passionate about the health and fitness of his city, it caught his interest and he decided to check out PayanX that very first day.

In a downtown Santa Ana alley just south of 4th and Main St., at 5:00am on January 9, 2013, these 3 guys, along with a small group of about 6 others, met and worked out together for the first time. Little did they know what the years would bring; deep friendships and partnerships, and what are now countless workouts and endurance events done together, shoulder to shoulder.

Over the past seven years there have been many dreams discussed over long runs, long rides, and lots of cups of coffee. “What would it look like to start an academy in Santa Ana propelled by a mission to see the community transformed through fitness training?” Seeds were planted that needed time to be watered and grow. Those seeds have now grown into fruition, with Santa Ana Endurance Academy formally launching in the Spring of 2021, 8 years after the first time these four guys met and worked out together in a dark alley in Downtown Santa Ana.

our team

alfredo padilla

program director/secretary

Alfredo holds his B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Applied Fitness and Active Lifestyle Development from California State University Northridge.  Alfredo holds credentials with NASM, Functional Screening 1, TRX Suspension Training and Spinning. Alfredo has completed Ironman 70.3. His personal goal is to motivate others to be active and live a healthy lifestyle.


a duran


Andy has lead thousands of residents in Santa Ana as the lead trainer for PayanX for the past five years. Andy was raised in Santa Ana and graduated from Santa Ana High School. His passion is helping people empower themselves by finding their inner strength and what they are designed to do. Andy is a 2-time Ironman and regularly races full and half marathons.

brian hendricks


Brian is passionate about endurance training, life transformation, and the City of Santa Ana. Brian brings over 20 years of experience in non-profit management. Brian was previously the Chief Operating Officer at KidWorks in Santa Ana. Brian is an avid triathlete, having completed all competitive triathlon distances, up to and including the full Ironman distance. 


We offer training classes designed for strength, High Intensity Interval Training, Speed & Agility for all ages. As well as training camps for the youth of Santa Ana. We are all experienced Endurance athletes ready to pass on the knowledge and make you strong, smart and fit.


06:00 – 07:00 Hours


07:15 – 08: 00 


08:00 – 07:00 


06:00 – 07:00 Hours


07:15 – 08: 00 


08:00 – 07:00 


Our facility will be located in the newly renovated area of La Placita, formerly Tiny Tim Plaza where we will be able to help the local community. We will have evening runs geared towards all ages, our goal is to have as many people as possible moving and stop leading a sedentary lifestyle. We will tour of Santa Ana where we cycle our wonderful city of Santa Ana and spread the benefits of being active. These are just a few of the events that we will be having, the more the community is involved the more events we will be able to host. Invite your family friends and come work it out with us.

100k to 100k
June 30 2021

Our first event will be a fundraiser event, where we will be running 100K miles in order to raise funds for Santa Ana Endurance programs.

Saturday morning runs May 01 2021

Beginning May 1 we will have Saturday morning runs. Meet at Santa Ana Endurance Academy physical site. 2231 W 5th St.

Sunday morning rides May 02 2021

Beginning May 2nd we will have Sunday morning runs. Meet at Santa Ana Endurance Academy physical site. 2231 W 5th St.

get involved

If you enjoy interacting with individuals of all ages we are currently accepting applicants to volunteer with our youth program. Send us a message, we are looking for individuals who have experience working with youth. We will be having a co-hort program of ages 14-18 years old. [email protected]

Centrally located in the heart of Santa Ana, just minutes from Downtown Santa Ana and walking proximity to OC Streetcar.


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